Directions for launching Maple from Netscape.

If you wish to configure Netscape to launch Maple V Release 4 as a helper application, try the following instructions for doing this. 1. Make sure Netscape and Maple are installed on your computer. 2. Launch Netscape. 3. Select Preferences from the Options menu. 4. Select Helpers. 5. Click the New button inside the window. 6. By platform: Windows: The MIME type should say application, and the MIME subtype should say maple-v-r4 Macintosh: The MIME type should say application/maple-v-r4 UNIX: The MIME type should say application/maple-v-r4 7. Enter mws in the Extensions box (on Windows) or the Suffixes box (on Macintosh, and UNIX). 8. For Macintosh users only, the File Type can be TEXT or MVNB. 9. Under the Action menu, select Launch Application. For UNIX users, you must use a %s after the application, for example, /usr/local/bin/xmaple %s 10. Click the Browse button, then select your Maple application. 11. Press Apply and then OK (or press OK to close the window and select Save Options from the Options menu) to save everything you've done to the Netscape configuration file. Now from Netscape, open a Maple worksheet that has the proper extension, and the Maple application will be launched. If you require Maple worksheets from a web server, the web server must have the following MIME type configured (adding a MIME type is web server dependent): # Maple V R4 worksheets application/maple-v-r4 mws Similarly, other applications such as Expressionist can be setup using the MIME type: # Expressionist application/expressionist exp These instructions may be superseded by Netscape or Maple.