Errata for An Introduction to the Mathematics of Biology

                    With Computer Algebra Models.


What follows are errors found as of September, 2000. It would be appreciated if additional errors are sent to Jim Herod  or  (send e-mail)


All the syntax of the book in Maple V, release 3 can be found at this site.


All the syntax of the book in Maple 6 can be found at this location. The code will also run with Maple V, release 5.





Page iv, Yeargers address:

Change: the School of Biology ZIP code should be 30332-0230


Page iv, mid-page: <br>

Change:  1. Shonkwiler, Ronald K., 1942 -   .

to read    1. Shonkwiler, Ronald W., 1942 -   .


Page 8: Second paragraph, next to last sentence:

Change “preceeding” to “preceding”


Page 24: second line:

add a parenthesis

> pts:=[seq([Time[i],CAC[i]],i=1..24];


> pts:=[seq([Time[i],CAC[i]],i=1..24)];


Page 37: four lines from the bottom

a factor of exp(-t) is missing in the first term, so that

y(t) = 1/9 + C1 exp(2t) + C2 t exp(2t)


y(t) = exp(-t)/9 + C1 exp(2t) + C2 t exp(2t)


Page 45 and 46: Exercise 2

Use the same differential equation in part (a) as in (b) and (c)

so that the first line of the syntax for Exercise 2 (a) reads

> dsolve({diff(y(t),t)+y(t)/5=sin(t),y(0)=0},y(t));


Page 59: top line

Add a top line

> with(stats); with(describe);


Page 152: Middle of the page

In the definition of death rate, change "n" to "t" in two places.


Page 229: The equation x(t)=-a x(t)+2 should read x’(t)=-a x(t)+2.


Page 230, line 9: The equation x(t)=-a x(t) should read x’(t)=-a x(t).


Page 281, Figure 9.2.10.


Page 291, Figure 9.3.2.


Page 314: Exercise 2:

The figure referenced 9.3.3 should be 9.6.2.


Page 314: Exercise 3:

Remove the word "for" in the first line so that the line reads

"Draw the graph of the solution c(t) in equation (9.3.2) with constants"


Page 348: Exercise 4:

the line


should be changed to read



Page 383, Figure 11.3.3.