An Introduction to the Use of Maple

with Applications

Worksheet 1-A First Look at the Arithmetic Properties of Maple.

Worksheet 2-A First Look at Drawing Graphs with Maple.

Worksheet 3-Space Graphs.

Worksheet 4-Slopes, Tangent Lines, and Derivatives.

Worksheet 5-Integration with the Student Package.

Worksheet 6-Area by Chance.

Worksheet 7-Quadratic Approximations for the Cosine Function.

Worksheet 8-Best Taylor Approximations with Maple.

Worksheet 9-Maximum Gas Mileage.

Worksheet 10-Fitting Data.

Worksheet 11-Tangent Planes.

Worksheet 12-A First Look at Differential Equations.

Worksheet 13-Solving Equations: Bisection.

Worksheet 14-Solving Equations: Newton's Method.

Worksheet 15-Scores, Grades, and Deviations.

Worksheet 16-Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere -- Linear Fits for Data

Worksheet 17-Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere -- Quadratic Fits

Worksheet 18-The Birthday Problem

Worksheet 19- Length of Day

Worksheet 20-Algebraic Equations

Worksheet 21- Sequences

Worksheet 22- Linear Programming